Back Porch Swing

graphic for Back Porch SwingNo longer active, but once the main group anchored by Liz and myself, Back Porch Swing had three main participants besides the two of us:


tiny photo of Dave BerryDave Berry, who was and still is, my very best friend and an excellent musician, playing the twelve-string acoustic guitar, viola, and, when pressed, mandolin. Dave still maintains an active accounting practice and lives in Richmond.

tiny photo of Cy Taggart

Cy Taggart, one of the most talented people I have ever met, who plays an amazing array of instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, keyboards, drums and most of the brass and woodwinds in an orchestra. Cy hung with us for a couple of years and then moved on to other more varied projects, including his current incarnation as Chicago Cy, the Blues Guy. Cy lives in Chesterfield.

Elaine Mandelaris, who spent about a year singing with us, especially during one Christmas season when we had several excellent jobs including a memorable one at the Virginia Museum. Elaine retired from the Federal Reserve Bank and still lives around Richmond and “The River.”

Cy, Russell , Liz photo