Home Cookin’

cover of Home Cookin' CDOver the years, I recorded and produced many of my works on a four-track tape recorded. These are kind of like “basement tapes” and the quality is imperfect. I took many of the songs from the two track cassettes over to digital form and I call this CD

Russell Lawson’s Home Cookin’

Delicious homemade tunes from this amateur troubadour, produced in his state-of-the-art-the-wallet-can-afford recording facility, 3rd Floor Productions. Featuring your favorites (click highlighted title for words and chords):

  • Babylon
  • Bryant’s Song
  • Charleston, SC
  • Echoes
  • Family Ties
  • Flashed Out Blues
  • Free
  • Heaven 2
  • Hurricane
  • I know you
  • Lazy Gal Café
  • Lonely Landscape
  • Lonely Woman
  • Only Heaven Knows
  • Pause
  • Shipyard Creek
  • Walk Back
  • Wicked Mind

©2001 Russell Lawson All Rights Reserved

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If you’ve listened and you have any thoughts about the music or writing, I’d love for you to enter them below.

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